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What’s your name? Meghan

Where are you from? Pittsburgh, PA

What’s your favorite NHL team? Pittsburgh Penguins

Which other teams do you like? Chicago Blackhawks, Phoenix Coyotes, Columbus Blue Jackets

Which is your least favorite team? Washington Capitals, Philadelphia Flyers, Detroit Red Wings

Who is/are your all-time favourite player(s)? Evgeni Malkin, Jonathan Toews

What other players do you like? Shane Doan, Stevie Mason, Cam Ward, Mario Lemiux. Jagr (I've got a ton! lol)

Least Favourite players: Alex Ovechkin, Chris Osgood, Alex Semin

How’d you find us? LJ search

How long have you been into hockey? My sister was really into hockey the last time the Pens won the Cup, so figure around 91-92? I didn't really start getting into it unitl last year, when the Pens started DESTROYING in the playoffs. Don't get me wrong, I always followed them, but never really got into it. Make sense?

What jerseys do you have? Geno, Crosby, and toews. I'm planning on getting a Kris Letang or Marc-Andre Fleury jersey at some point. And I want to expand my "other team" jersey collection.

What’s your favourite hockey memory? This year, Pens vs. Caps. I student rushed the game with a few friends. We stood outside in the -4 weather for 5-ish hours, and got amazing seats for $20 each. We sat behind a row of Russians decked head to toe in Semin gear. They kept making fun of me and one of my friends because we both adore Geno. We may or may not have gotten into an argument with them in which Ovechkin was called a Caveman and they were called Communists. ;-) That shall remain a fond memory of mine for a long time.
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