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Hello everyone! What a great community! I should also introduce myself here:

What’s your name? - Natalie

Where are you from? - Atlanta

What’s your favorite NHL team? - Atlanta Thrashers (I post pics and write about them in my LJ )

Which other teams do you like? - SJ Sharks

Which is your least favorite team? - Vancouver

Who is/are your all-time favourite player(s)? - Kari Lehtonen (ATL) - he is the cutest and the nicest guy in the world. He is my number one forever .

What other players do you like? - Martin St. Louis (TB) (he is smart), Sergei Zubov (DAL) (he is wise), Dany Heatley (OTT) (he is nice), Evgeni Nabokov (SJ) (he is so funny).

Least Favourite players? - Sidney Crosby (too much of him).

How’d you find us? - via LJ interest search

How long have you been into hockey? - since Ilya Kovalchuk began to play in Atlanta

What Jerseys do you have? - Russia, Atlanta Thrashers

What’s your favourite hockey memory? - My conversation with Martin Brodeur. He was sooo charming. I was never a big fan of Devils, but Marty won my heart.

If I have to contribute pictures, that would be my dearest goalie in the world:

pictures from

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