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Hello everyone! What a great community! I should also introduce myself here:

What’s your name? - Natalie

Where are you from? - Atlanta

What’s your favorite NHL team? - Atlanta Thrashers (I post pics and write about them in my LJ )

Which other teams do you like? - SJ Sharks

Which is your least favorite team? - Vancouver

Who is/are your all-time favourite player(s)? - Kari Lehtonen (ATL) - he is the cutest and the nicest guy in the world. He is my number one forever .

What other players do you like? - Martin St. Louis (TB) (he is smart), Sergei Zubov (DAL) (he is wise), Dany Heatley (OTT) (he is nice), Evgeni Nabokov (SJ) (he is so funny).

Least Favourite players? - Sidney Crosby (too much of him).

How’d you find us? - via LJ interest search

How long have you been into hockey? - since Ilya Kovalchuk began to play in Atlanta

What Jerseys do you have? - Russia, Atlanta Thrashers

What’s your favourite hockey memory? - My conversation with Martin Brodeur. He was sooo charming. I was never a big fan of Devils, but Marty won my heart.

If I have to contribute pictures, that would be my dearest goalie in the world:

pictures from

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I love him so much
Too bad he's hurt :(
He won't play till Dec. I miss him so much!!! :~(
*flails!* Omfg he's so beautiful.
Sorry, I just went into total fangirl mode there but WOW those pictures are the best i've seen of him. Thanks for sharing.
I'm a Pens fan, but Kari is my 2nd fav player in the NHL - Marc Andre Fleury being my #1 <33
You should see Kari playing against Pens - he could become your #1 ;)
BTW, I like MAF, but I am a huge fan of the Finnish goaltending school.
lol well i've been a fan of MAF for like 4 years, so I don't think Kari could replace him that easily. But he sure is awesome, I can't wait to go to an ATL game this season.
Atlanta plays with Pens on Nov 24. Kari can be still out because of his groin trauma. But if he plays, try to meet him after the game and chat for a bit. ;-)
I would but I live in NY, and i'm thinking of going to the next Rangers/Thrashers game :D
Why do you like Pens if you live in NY? :)
WTF is up with that pic of Kari and that dancer. Is that a photoshop or real? Who is she?
We believe it was a photoshop, but we also suspect that Kari is a big fan of Finnish tango.
Nabby is hilarious!! love him!

and yes, there is too much Sidney. That is like one of the only players my family knows because he is everywhere!! they always ask if he is the one i am watch... haha!! "No... there are a LOT of good young players besides him."
Same story in my family. I like Malkin better.
i know it's an old post...but i just joined and wanted to say he IS pretty! XD i like his eyes ^__^