stephanie (xxbuds08) wrote in sexonskates,

new memberrrrr !

What’s your name? Stephanie, I prefer Steph though...

Where are you from? Toronto

What’s your favorite NHL team? Toronto Maple Leafs

Which other teams do you like? Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes

Which is your least favorite team? Ottawa Senators & Montreal Canadiens

Who is/are your all-time favourite player(s)? Carlo Colaiacovo & Gary Roberts

What other players do you like? (in no particular order) Sam Gagner, Simon Gamache, Dion Phaneuf, Steve Yzerman, Dan Snyder, Mikael Tellqvist, John Tavares, Chad Kilger, Ray Emery, Vincent Lecavalier, Dany Heatley, Joe Thornton, Matt Stajan, & Teemu Selanne

Least Favourite players: Sidney Crosby

How’d you find us? Saw it on a friend's list

How long have you been into hockey? I've always been a fan, but I got really into it (hardcore) when the first season of the "New" NHL started.

What Jerseys do you have? Carlo Colaiacovo Leafs jersey, Gary Roberts Leafs jersey, & blank Canadian (black) jersey

What’s your favourite hockey memory? The 2004 Playoffs when the Leafs beat out the Sens (again, haha) to go on to play Philadelphia. Of course, the Leafs didn't make it far against the Philly, but the series between the Sens and the Leafs I will always remember. 
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