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Sexy Hockey Player Love

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This Communtiy is dedicated to Our favourite sexy hockey players.

.X. WE ARE NOT PUCK BUNNIES! (we know the game as much as any guy, we know the game like the backs of our hands we just appreciate the good looks of most of the hockey players.)

.X. We highly Encourage that you post pictures of your favourite players, but if you do, please put it under a cut. It will make the site run much much quicker and save space. If you do not know how to use a cut Leave a comment and one of us will make sure we can explain it to you.

.X. Dont be stupid. Its not becoming.

.X. If someone has a player they like that you dont particualry like, please don't bash them. Harmony is a must. Different strokes (hehe) for different folks, all that jazz...its a matter of opinion.

.X. Every month we'll try and change the layout. Your input is needed! Well have a vote every month or so.

.X. Please know something about the game of hockey...please...

This community is run by spunkpuppy and nhl_love. If you have any problems, please let us know...

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