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first post!

 What’s your name? Jeanna

Where are you from? Born in Wisconsin but live in North Carolina.  

What’s your favorite NHL team? Chicago Blackhawks!

Which other teams do you like? Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes.

Which is your least favorite team? Detroit Red Wings, Dallas Stars, Calgary Flames

Who is/are your all-time favourite player(s)? Jonathan Toews :)

What other players do you like? Kane, Kopecky, Hossa (even though they *were* Wings) Ovechkin, Crosby, Burish among others.

Least Favourite players: I have a few...

How’d you find us? I've been a member for awhile, and just now decided to post :)

How long have you been into hockey? Since I was a kid. I remember cheering for the Blackhawks as early as 5th grade!  :)

What jerseys do you have? No jerseys yet but I have a Toews player/name t-shirt. I also have a Havlat one but...with an Indianhead on it.

What’s your favourite hockey memory? One of my ultimate favorites was Game 6 Vancouver/Chicago before they played Detroit in the Western Conference Finals.  I told my husband "they're going to blow it" but it ended up being the total opposite and turning out to be an amazing game.  There are so many others with the Hawks I could write a novel.  I'm hoping to make January 30th one of my favorite hockey memories, because that would be my first NHL game...when the Canes play the Hawks! :)
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