MofoRo (crystalbeth) wrote in sexonskates,

hi, i'm new

i was super excited to find this community! i guess i'll start with that survey everyone's been posting...

What’s your name? roseline

Where are you from? southern california

What’s your favorite NHL team? la kings, philadelphia flyers

Which other teams do you like? it's always fun to watch the penguins, redwings, and the sharks.

Which is your least favorite team? predators, the wild (just because they bore me), and vancouver (although luongo is sooooo much fun to watch)

Who is/are your all-time favourite player(s)? i love jeremy roenick!

What other players do you like? nicklas lidstrom is amazing, and of course i love cammalleri, brown, kopitar, frolov, johnson, and blake... well, pretty much the whole la team. luongo. briere.... which is so obvious but how cute is he?! and marty turco is hilarious, i love him. and darian hatcher is a big, scary meanie... but i enjoy that.

Least Favourite players: jordin tootoo is such a pest!!!! and i know sidney crosby is a phenomenal player but i'm sooooo tired of him. he isn't the *only* player. and for some reason lecavalier really bugs me.

How’d you find us? i was google searching websites dedicated to good looking hockey boys

How long have you been into hockey? since i was a kid... maybe 10 years old. we had an echl team in san diego (well, whl at the time) but i didn't start following nhl hockey until about 15 years of age. so seven years now. but when i moved to LA for college i got crazy into it...

What Jerseys do you have? several san diego gulls jerseys, a philadelphia flyers one, a kings one, and a toronto one. i'm not that into collecting jerseys because i feel silly wearing them. i have tons of t-shirts with player names on the back... those are my favorites :)

What’s your favourite hockey memory? SO MANY!!! watching the ducks in the finals against ottawa was absolutely phenomenal... and i'm not even a ducks fan. but that kind of energy and excitement is unbelievable. also watching them eliminate the redwings was pretty amazing, too. i really hope to go to several more stanley cup finals games in my life because i can't imagine anything more exciting. if only i had been able to see them actually win the cup. another of my favorite memories was one of the very first nhl games i ever saw. there was an old flyers game on from the mid 70s and i didn't really know much about hockey but i remember being so excited by that team. they were so big and mean and scored a lot of goals. so exciting. :)

and i feel i should contribute a picture. i think alexander frolov is a cutie, so
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