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This comm's kinda dead but I figured I'd join because...why the hell not?

So I'm going to assume that this profile is what everyone puts out when they join (because half the posts on the first page are like this -_-;;)...Ok, so I'm a survey whore and I love to talk about myself and therefore decided it was needed.

What’s your name? Elle

Where are you from? Canada (the place to live if you like hockey ^_^)

What’s your favorite NHL team? Dallas Stars...and, more recently, Los Angeles Kings, for reasons I'll get into later

Which other teams do you like? The Devils and Pens are my EastCon teams...and I guess I like the Coyotes too (because the Pacific Division is the greatest...and Niko's on the team so I kinda have to pay attention)...and the Iowa Stars (because Marius is freaking hot and I <3 him)

Which is your least favorite team? Canucks...but its kinda unexplainable because I doubt I have any real reason to dislike them; I just always have

Who is/are your all-time favourite player(s)? Ladislav Nagy (look at the guy in my icon; see how hot he is? I absolutely love this guy...I'm now a Kings fan because he signed with them and I can't not like any team that he plays for)

What other players do you like? Antti Miettinen, Niko Kapanen, Marius Holtet (my AHL boy ^_^), Patrik Elias, Petr Sykora...its late and I've forgotten the rest but pretty much every Czech or Finnish player ^_^

Least Favourite players: Gretzky (unexplainably), Crosby (same), Luongo (because he was such a goddamn emo whiner during the playoffs)

How’d you find us? Looking for hockey communities...actually I was searching out a Kings comm this time but...whatever (did I mention that I love surveys?)

How long have you been into hockey? I used to be a stat whore since...waaaaaaaaaaay back when Sykora and Elias were kicking ass and taking names together in Jersey; but I wasn't a die-hard hockey fan till this April during the Dallas/Vancouver playoffs

What Jerseys do you have? None, though I'm seriously considering purchasing a Kings jersey with Nagy's name on it....and an Iowa Stars one with Marius' (though hopefully he plays most of the season in Dallas ^_^)

What’s your favourite hockey memory? Probably just watching Dallas' playoff run this year...the memories of all the little things (like seeing Nagy and Miettinen on the ice at the same time ^_________^ I have a one-track mind so you'll have to excuse me)

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